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  Dr. Paramaconi Rodriguez

  Group Leader


  Birmingham Fellow

  Contact details

  Telephone+44 (0) 121 414 4365


  School of Chemistry
  University of Birmingham
  Birmingham B15 2TT

Reseracher ID: A-6214-2014

2012-Present       Lecturer. Birmingham Fellow, School of Chemistry, The University of Birmingham,UK.

2011-2012            Scientific Officer, Electrochemical Energy Conversion Section, Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland.

2007-2011            Post-doctoral Fellowship, Surface Chemistry and Catalysis Group, University of Leiden, Netherlands.

2003-2007           PhD degree, University of Alicante, Spain.

1997-2003           Degree in Chemistry, University Simón Bolívar, Venezuela.

PhD students

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Co-supervisor of:

Yasmeen Alzahrani (with Melanie Britton)

Coming students 2017-2018:

Pu Yahun (from China)

Benjamin Rowsell (Co-supervisor)

Fco. Javier Monzó (Xavi)

Project: New support materials for PEFCs

Adam Kolodziej

Project: Electrochemical hemofiltration of cancer drugs and nanosensors

Matthew Lawrence

Project: Synthesis of metal oxide nanoparticles for photcatalysis

In collaboration with Prof. Joaquin Rodriguez-Lopez

Carlos Guillen

Project: Functional materials for the electrochemical detection of pathogens